Saturday, March 31, 2012

Schnibble - Bibelot

This is my March Schnibble, Bibelot.  I wasn't overly crazy about the pattern, so I decided to make it out of Halloween fabrics.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  The picture could be better, but you get a pretty good idea!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poor Kitty

I like cats.  I have cats; lots of cats.  Over time, I will introduce them to you.  Today, we are meeting Holstein!  Holstein came to us in late 2003.  One of the neighbors had him as an inside cat, and for whatever reason, they put him outside.  He's very friendly, and whenever we would be outside, he came for a visit.  Eventually he became a housecat again, this time at our house.  As you can see by the picture, he is a big boy. 

The reason for the blog title is that he has had some health issues lately.  He got an infection in his inner ear, and scratched himself until he had a sore on the outside, too.  Long story short, apparently he was allergic to the cream the vet gave me for the sore, and he really went to town on it.  We have been doctoring for almost 3 weeks, and he is now on the mend, but it was pretty gross for a while.  Do not look at the photo below if you are squeamish!  His ear is looking much better, so hopefully it will only continue to heal. 

It really does look much better than it did!  Get well soon, Big Guy!!