Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catching Up!

I haven't posted anything since the July Schnibble.  I've experienced problems with Blogger.  When I  try to log in, I keep getting an error code.  Then I figured out that if I would follow someone new, I could back into my dashboard that way.  Only problem there was to keep finding new blogs that I liked well enough to follow!  After I had commented on a blog one day, I clicked on the blogger symbol, and that got me access.  Sooo, that is what I've been doing lately.    I have been making progress on some projects!  (Insert applause here!) 

I worked on this minkee throw during some of our hottest weather.  I bought the kit on shop hop last year, but had a few obstacles to getting it finished.  First off, I could not find my walking foot.  I even checked into buying a new one, but for $100+, I thought I could look harder.  And, I found it.  The next problem was getting it to feed through my machine.  It just was not working, so I shelved it again for a while.  After thinking abouut it, I ended up starting in the middle, and working to the end for the first 2 or three strips.  After that it was a piece of cake.  I machine stitched the binding without too much trouble, and viola, it is done.    I love the softness of it, and it is really, really warm.  It will be great if we ever have a power outage. 
Hopefully I will post again soon with some more of my latest and greatest!
Thanks for reading along,