Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catching Up!

I haven't posted anything since the July Schnibble.  I've experienced problems with Blogger.  When I  try to log in, I keep getting an error code.  Then I figured out that if I would follow someone new, I could back into my dashboard that way.  Only problem there was to keep finding new blogs that I liked well enough to follow!  After I had commented on a blog one day, I clicked on the blogger symbol, and that got me access.  Sooo, that is what I've been doing lately.    I have been making progress on some projects!  (Insert applause here!) 

I worked on this minkee throw during some of our hottest weather.  I bought the kit on shop hop last year, but had a few obstacles to getting it finished.  First off, I could not find my walking foot.  I even checked into buying a new one, but for $100+, I thought I could look harder.  And, I found it.  The next problem was getting it to feed through my machine.  It just was not working, so I shelved it again for a while.  After thinking abouut it, I ended up starting in the middle, and working to the end for the first 2 or three strips.  After that it was a piece of cake.  I machine stitched the binding without too much trouble, and viola, it is done.    I love the softness of it, and it is really, really warm.  It will be great if we ever have a power outage. 
Hopefully I will post again soon with some more of my latest and greatest!
Thanks for reading along,


  1. Great finish! I love minkee and these fabrics are really fun and striking!

  2. I love minkee but have never sewn any of it! You must have the patience of Job to work with it!!

  3. Hi, Carmen, I love this minke throw! I was gifted with some animal print cottons this fall and have yet to come up with the perfect project to use them up. I've never sewn on minke and can see how it could be a struggle. You have a lovely blog. I hope you start posting again. ~karen

  4. What a sweet throw...I love the fabrics. Sorry to hear about all your problems with blogger. There is always something changing that makes blogging a challenge...just git used to it on our Dell laptop and then we bought a Mac...struggled through that and then I got an IPad, which meant another learning curve...hope you get it solved.