Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Days

This is my Summer Days Schnibble for the April parade.  The photo show my cats Buffy and Wolfie checking things out.  I clipped it to the back of a couple of lawn chairs to take the picture.  Go to Pink Pincushion blog to see a picture of the whole thing.  I changed the borders by narrowing the original border, and adding an outer border.  I think it just kind of finished it off.  The fabric is Recipe for Friendship by Mary Engelbreit.  It is nice, cheerful, and carefree, just like summer days should be.

Not so carefree around here today though.  Holstein (see previous post) has still been scratching at his ear.  Today the vet tells me that he has fleas.  UGH!  I have had fleas only once in almost 30 years of cat ownership.  Granted, I now have 2 indoor/outdoor cats, but they do not come into the house.  (I know, I know, I can transfer them inside myself, but still.)  The vet recommends washing all clothes, bedding, etc, plus spraying everything down.  I came home and treated everybody, and started the washer.

This is a real pain because yesterday was the first time I have done laundry in 3 weeks.  I got everything washed up before my surgery, but knew I wouldn't be able to do much of anything for a while after my foot surgery. I guess I will catch back up on laundry in the next couple of days.  Gives me something to look forward to.



  1. Great fabric choice and I really like the borders. You are right that it just finishes off the quilt. I have used Frontline or Advantage in the past for my cats. Both these work great. They are inside only cats but some years a flea must get in from me lawn mowing or something. I've also sprinkled cornstarch on the carpet and vacuumed; I heard it kills fleas in the carpet.

  2. I love your Scnhibble! Just says "summer" to me. Love the kitties inspecting your work -- sorry about the fleas. Guess that's our punishment for such a mild winter.

  3. I think the narrow inner border really sets off the outer border and the quilt. Love the colors in this one! Also love your helpers in the picture. As for fleas, ugh! I feel for you. We treat ours with Frontline and that seems to work. Good luck with it and I pray Holstein's ear heals.