Monday, July 30, 2012

Zebra Shorts

I made mention on my last post about a special pair of shorts for my husband.  Our local hospital has an annual golf tournament, and the team DH plays on usually has some sort of dress code.  This year the team sponsor got pink shirts for everyone.  DH was with me at the quilt store one day and found some pink and black zebra fabric, and asked me to make me a pair of shorts to wear with the shirt.  I wasn't really crazy about the idea, but after I thought about it, decided to give it a shot.  Wisely, DH thought I should make a test pair, which I did out of some golf fabric that I just happened to have laying around.  Imagine that!!  Good thing, since he did not like the way the shorts fit.  I found a Kwik-Sew pattern, 2nd of only two available patterns for men's shorts without elastic waist, and was back in business.  After only one major screw-up, I got them finished in time.

  Here he is the morning of the tournament.  The shirt does not really go with the bright pink of the shorts, but he did get a lot of compliments, and everyone was really impressed when they found out that I actually made them for him! He even said that they fit better than his very expensive Loud Mouth shorts, so I guess they were worth the effort!

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